Use your iPod Touch/iPhone as a pen drive

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Its finally possible to use your iPod Touch/iPhone as a pen drive.Not only this transfer any kind of file...eg mp3,pdf,doc,rtf,excel to your iPhone and run it.

All this and more is possible using a new application called Air Sharing.This amazing app is available for free in the iTunes App store.And its really simple to use.It works on both Mac and Windows.All you need is a Wifi connection.This is what you have to do.

1.Go to iTunes AppStore or AppStore from your iPhone

2.Search for the application called Air Sharing.

3.Once installed you have to configure your Windows to communicate with your iPhone.

4.Go to Network places>Create New Network Place

5.Enter the address of your iPhone e.g.

6.You can now see your iPhone/iPod Touch in your Network Places(when your are connected by WiFi)

7.Just copy the files into the iPhone network place and your are all set.

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Grainy Says :
December 9, 2010 at 7:36 AM

Good tip but I would not call this a "pen drive". I think most people would associate "pen drive" with a device that connects and transfers data via USB using the OS native file browser. The Air Sharing solution will allow either: (a) transfer over WiFi (but not USB)using the OS native file browser; OR (b) transfer over USB but only using iTunes. This is still a pretty good solution but not quite as universal as pen drive since either the target computer has to have WiFi or iTunes.

This solution connects over WiFi

(b) accepts the data transfer over USB

This solution transfers over WiFi

(c) uses the OS native file browser for navigation.

This solution envisages

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